• Over 6,000 strings of lights.

  • Over 750 extension cords.

  • 46 circuits of 20 amps each.

  • Two electric meters.

  • Power usage is 550+amps, enough to power 5 houses with everything turned on. By conversion to LED lights we have reduced the power usage down from 850 amps over four years.

  • Most of the lights that are not in trees are LED lights.

  • All of the lights in the trees are a combination of Constant On Incandescent or LED lights.

  • Approximately 1,200 man hours of work to install and hook up the lights this year.

  • It takes over 30 hours to connect everything and meter each circuit once everything has been put in place.

  • Richard in in charge of installation.

  • Sherrie repairs strings of lights that are not working and has an over 80% success rate as long as wires are not broken. Sherrie is in charge of display figures.

  • Andrew is in charge of technology, music and synchronization of the lights.

  • All the lights and extension cords placed end to end could reach to Downtown Atlanta and back.

  • Cost components from largest to smallest: Cost of Labor, Lights and materials, rental of lift, electricity.

  • Everyone asks how much the electric bill is but it is the smallest component of the cost

We have two friends and workers that we could not do this without.  Miguel and Riccardo both have been working with us on the lights since early August.  Miguel has worked with us on our lights for 12 years and Riccardo for 10 years.  They now know how to do almost everything.