We believe that Christmas should be a season of happiness and JOY.   We speak French and the word for Christmas in French is Joyeux Noel.  Our sole objective and mission is to bring a little JOY to everyone we meet.  In addition, Richard’s mother’s nick name was Joy and if you read about her you will see how she got the name.

Richard’s mother’s name was Marjorie Hixon.  When she was a little girl, she did not particularly like the name Marjorie.  Her brother, Brook, began calling her My Joy at a very young age.  He said that she was always happy and delightful to be around he began calling her My Joy.  Eventually the “MY” got dropped and she went by JOY.  From that point forward her name was JOY.  All of her life she was a delightful person to be around.  She loved everyone around her and was always delightful to be around.  She grew up and lived in South Georgia, in Cuthbert and Dawson most of her life.  She was a servant and spent 35 years of her working life serving others as a case worker with the Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services.  She was a leader in her church from childhood until death and sang in the choir her entire life.  She was a devoted wife and mother and always pleasant and in a good mood.  She was truly a Joy to be around.

So we dedicate our display to the life of JOY Hixon Taylor.