It all started when...

Richard Taylor started in 1988 with the idea of putting a stick tree with big lights in the front.  He did not know much about electricity and ended up melting all of the wires in the lights.  The next year, he got the idea to put a string of lights on the 60 Holly bushes across the front of the property.  At that time the bushes were about 3 feet tall so it was relatively easy to decorate the 60 Holly bushes.  Today the Holly bushes are between 10 and 15 feet tall and hold 115,000 lights.  The next year we decided to decorate the gate so we put lights on the gate.  The following year we got the idea to put lights on the Dogwood trees behind the gate.  During the next year Cobb County put in a sidewalk across the front.  Richard added a 300 foot pipe to the east and a 200 foot pipe to the west and landscaped the area in the front that was originally a ditch.  We planted azaleas across the front and they became our next things to decorate.  After this, we got the bright idea to rent a lift and start putting lights in trees.  Initially we added one or two trees and over time this spread to more than 140 trees.  The large elm tree on the west was quite a task and required us to rent an 80 foot boom lift and still use poles to get the lights to the top.  We had for a long time what expert Christmas light people call a static light display, meaning that everything is on all of the time.  About three years ago we added musical lights and lights that synchronize to the music.  This year, we added 150,000 lights to the inside circle and musical lights on the house. We have added RGB arches as well. 

All in all, this had been an accumulation of ideas and additions over the years that today brings our display to over 500,000 lights.